June 2, 2015

June Meeting – Thursday, 6/4/2015 7:30PM @ Papas y Pollo in Sebastopol

We will be holding our monthly meeting at 7:30PM at Paps y Pollo in Sebastopol. Will will be discussing the AAPM / Iron Rangers issue, our new web site and e-mail accounts, promotional projects and other upcoming events.

We look forward to seeing everyone who can make it.

June 2, 2015

Claude Lorius – Glaciologue d’intuition

Here is a short video which portrays the incredible work and attitude of this brilliant, dedicated, yet humble scientist
The Cannes Film Festival’s closing film on Saturday was a call to arms to tackle climate change featuring the scientific pioneer who spent decades in Antarctica proving the existence of global warming.

“I used to be pessimistic, but I think people are changing,” said Claude Lorius, the 91-year-old French scientist whose groundbreaking research on ice cores proved the link between greenhouse gases and global temperatures.

His story is told in the documentary “Ice and the Sky”, featuring footage from his earliest missions in the 1950s through to the present day.

Lorius carried out 22 expeditions — some lasting as long as a year — in Antarctica, where he helped pioneer the drilling and examining of ice cores, gathering climatic data going back more than 400,000 years.