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Stop New Offshore Drilling

Drilling is Killing Campaign

Our Coasts are under threat! The Trump administration has announced plans to expand offshore oil drilling to over 90% of U.S. waters. The Draft Proposed Program for 2019-2024 released by the Department of Interior includes new oil drilling in the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, and Arctic Ocean. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) will be accepting public comments at as the agency develops the new five-year program.

There are serious impacts associated with each stage of offshore drilling.

Oil Exploration

Seismic blasts from oil exploration stun and deafen marine life, including whales and dolphins, fatally disrupting communication, navigation and life cycle patterns.

Drilling & Processing

Rigs emit toxic drilling muds onto the seafloor, continuously polluting our oceans with heavy metals and petroleum derivatives able to accumulate up the food chain.

Oil Spills

Oil spills are an inevitable part of drilling, and cause long-term damage to entire ecosystems, harming fish, marine mammals, birds and other species for years to come.

Onshore Impacts

Oil production leads to the industrialization of our coastlines, including infrastructure for transportation, storage, processing and delivery.

Climate Change

The oil and gas sector is the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the US. Instead of reducing risks, new drilling will exacerbate the dangerous effects of climate change.

Threatened Coastal Economy

The ocean dependent tourism and recreation sector provides 12 times more jobs than offshore oil production, and contributes over $107 billion each year in national GDP. Expanding offshore oil and gas production puts this entire sector at risk.


The federal government’s decision on offshore drilling will impact our coastlines for generations to come. Please speak out to stop new oil rigs off our coast!

  • Contact your federal representatives to ask them to oppose new offshore drilling. Click here to find your Elected Officials
  • Submit comments to BOEM during the public input period on
  • Help pass local resolutions against offshore drilling
  • Submit letters or op-eds to your local newspaper
  • Learn more about the impacts of offshore oil drilling
  • Conserve energy, buy locally, drive less, avoid plastics and invest in green funds